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Bosch GC3000W ZWB28-3CE23 22/28kw 7736902320
Bosch GC3000W ZWB28-3CE23 22/28kw 7736902320

Bosch GC3000W ZWB28-3CE23 22/28kw 7736902320

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    • The Junkers bosch mixed gas condensing wall near Brussels

    Ref 7736902320

    22kw heater

    28kw sanitary

    The result of a search for a simple and innovative solution to the problem of heating, the Junker Bosch wall-mounted mixed condensing unit meets all your heating needs and is easy to use. Its quality is the result of long experience in the manufacture of boilers.

    It is ultra-efficient, space-saving and is adopted by a large number of people because of its efficiency. This modern gas condensing boiler is a real solution for keeping the winter cold away from your home and transforming it into a cozy nest.

    It requires no installation room for a cistern and is available in a direct water version. It is equipped with an electronic ignition system. All these technical data make this natural gas boiler the solution to all your heating problems. It is equipped with a safety device and a self-diagnosis system to signal and prevent any malfunctions.

    This system makes the boiler efficient and adaptable to all types of use. Its intensive use in no way alters its effectiveness and major qualities. It has been designed to facilitate cooling and heating in a confined space environment.

    Its type of connection, the energy quality of its production and its discretion are the factors that play in favor of this gas boiler. Guaranteeing a peaceful winter means adopting the Junker Bosch wall-mounted mixed condensing gas boiler.

    It makes your interior a welcoming, warm place where life can flourish.

    • For natural gas or liquid gas. Modern aesthetics and quiet operation (38dB).
    • 3-speed circulator. With modulating circulator (high efficiency).
    • Heatronic III control panel with digital screen.
    • Built-in 10 liter expansion tank.
    • Complete mounting plate for easy installation.
    • CE marking and HR TOP label. ZSB = boiler that can be connected to a tank (runs only in heating).
    • ZWB = models operating on the principle of instantaneous production (mixed boilers).
    Condensing boiler:
    Heating power:
    Sanitary power:
    DUT_Nominal vermogen 80-60 grC:
    Between 7.3 and 20.3 kW
    DUT_Nominaal vermogen 50-30 grC:
    Between 8 and 21.6 kW
    Hot water flow:
    15.8 l/min
    Kind of gas:
    natural gas
    Heating energy class:
    Sanitary energy class:
    Open/sealed model:
    Suitable for solar / solar boiler:
    Heating connection:
    Sanitary connection:
    Gas connection:
    Flue gas exhaust connection:
    60/100, 80/125
    Seasonal energy efficiency for space heating:
    Energy efficiency for water heating:

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    Bosch GC3000W ZWB28-3CE23 22/28kw 7736902320