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Vaillant BOILER UNISTOR HIV R 120 TYPE BA 0010015943
Vaillant BOILER UNISTOR HIV R 120 TYPE BA 0010015943
Vaillant BOILER UNISTOR HIV R 120 TYPE BA 0010015943
Vaillant BOILER UNISTOR HIV R 120 TYPE BA 0010015943

Vaillant BOILER UNISTOR HIV R 120 TYPE BA 0010015943

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    Hot water production boiler hiv 120 near Brussels.

    The Boiler Vih 120 is a device that produces your domestic hot water. Fitted with high performance insulation, which marvelously combines polyurethane foam with a vacuum insulating panel, this appliance has three capacities: 120- 150- and 200 litres. It is made up of an enamelled steel tank, which is protected from corrosion by a titanium electric anode.

    Easy to install, it offers great installation possibilities and has a very attractive design. In addition, it is easy to transport and install. It can be combined without risk with heat pumps up to 8 Kw.

    With its thermal insulation system, it is very suitable for all your domestic hot water needs. It is in symbiosis with your other installations and does not present any inconvenience in terms of the proper functioning of your other home networks.

    This device is a definitive solution to your technical problems of domestic hot water production. The Boiler Vih 120 is the device you need to remedy this lack of water heating equipment for the coming cold weather.

    It offers guarantees of effectiveness that you will certainly not find anywhere else. Its unsuspected technical performance is one of the consequences of the meticulous care that surrounded its realization.

    Coil domestic hot water calorifiers to be combined with a heating only boiler to ensure your domestic hot water comfort.

    • Powerful solution for high sanitary comfort

    The advantage of this combination is to have the highest sanitary comfort by allowing water to be drawn from different places at the same time. It is the ideal combination for a house with several bathrooms, or several shower rooms or to be able to take full advantage of the relaxing benefits of multi-jet showers.

    • Large volume of hot water

    Depending on the space available and the comfort sought, 3 capacities are available: 120, 150 or 200 litres.

    HIV R sanitary ware are available with high performance insulation (VIH R HA) or reinforced insulation (VIH R BA).

    • High performance insulation for more savings

    High performance insulation with vacuum insulation panel limits heat loss. The energy consumption to maintain your hot water tank is thus reduced for more savings on your bill.

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    Vaillant BOILER UNISTOR HIV R 120 TYPE BA 0010015943