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Durlem softener NEW VI 50 DUO + ​​BY Pass 90000ViLDBP
Durlem softener NEW VI 50 DUO + ​​BY Pass 90000ViLDBP

Durlem softener NEW VI 50 DUO + ​​BY Pass 90000ViLDBP

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    The Durlem vi 50 duo water softener near Brussels

    The Vi50 duo model is derived from the Vi50. Quite close to the standard model, it nevertheless has some layout differences. Already in terms of its dimensions, a slight but significant difference is noticeable. This difference in form is only the manifestation of an improvement in the potential of this model.

    75 cm high, it is 40 cm wide and 30 cm deep. Just like the Vi 50 , it is perfect for places that lack space. It is ideal for city center apartments which are characterized by a desired narrowness in their construction plan.

    It is equipped with double mono spherical resin bottles, a salt, maintenance and leak alarm, and a vacation mode button.  Its low power consumption makes it an energy saver at the top of ecological performance.

     It features a new design with a  full color screen. All these modifications make this model of softener a technological gadget that makes your daily life easier. In addition to these many qualities, the energy saver function transforms this device into an ecological device for combating the waste of the planet's energy resources.

    It comes with an adjustable pressure reducer, connection hoses and discharge pipes. There is also as accompanying equipment, a mixing valve to adjust the residual hardness, and an integrated protection filter. All these materials allow an easy installation of your device which will not fail to make your days sweeter by softening your drinking water.

    The new Durlem Vi50 Duo are automatic water softeners of the proportional electronic and chronometric volumetric type.


    They are equipped with double monospherical resin bottles, a salt, maintenance and leak alarm, and a vacation mode button.

    Low power consumption. New design. Full color screen. The Vi 50 duo is the ideal solution for any height problem. Its compact shape allows you, for example, to install it in a low cellar.

    The salt tank is then next to the resin tank part and the control unit.
    Dimensions: HLP 75 - 40 - 30 cm.
    Resin volume: 10 L.
    Salt tank capacity: 40 kg.

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    Durlem softener NEW VI 50 DUO + ​​BY Pass 90000ViLDBP