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Durlem water softener new vi 50 VOLUM+BYPASS 90000VILBP
Durlem water softener new vi 50 VOLUM+BYPASS 90000VILBP

Durlem water softener new vi 50 VOLUM+BYPASS 90000VILBP

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    Durlem vi 50 volume water softener near Brussels

    The Durlem Vi 50 softener is one of Durlem 's standard products. It has been specially designed for home use. This is why its dimensions have been carefully studied so that it can take up as little space as possible.

    Its height is 130 cm and its width does not exceed 20 cm. As for its depth, it is 30 cm. These modest dimensions do not harm the quality and performance of the product. On the contrary, they allow it to be both discreet and effective.

    It is so narrow that it needs less floor space than an A4 size sheet of paper could take up. This small size is a major asset for this device which can easily find a place in an interior of modest dimensions.

    The Vi50 softener is equipped with a valve and its programmer. This arrangement allows it to offer efficient and optimal air regeneration. In doing so, the level of aeration reaches the desired peak to restore the softness and freshness of the water served.

    This appliance is designed to limit water consumption to a very low threshold. He also has a system that allows him to regularly check the level of salt in the water. If this level is a problem, an alarm is automatically triggered.

    The Vi 50 contains 10 liters of resin. This quantity of resin is ideal for an annual consumption of less than 250m3. It is an efficient, high-performance and necessary device for your home life.

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    Durlem water softener new vi 50 VOLUM+BYPASS 90000VILBP