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BULEX THEMACONDENS F30/35 A 0010017364
BULEX THEMACONDENS F30/35 A 0010017364

BULEX THEMACONDENS F30/35 A 0010017364

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    Wall mounted gas condensing boiler

    Bulex wall mounted mixed gas condensation f 30- 35 pro Brussels

    The f 30-35 mixed gas condensing wall-mounted boiler is a very compact but also very powerful boiler. It is a reference in terms of efficiency and production capacity for heating and domestic hot water. Fitted with an integrated 30 KW heat exchanger, it provides hot water comfort without much inconvenience.

    It is suitable for every home and has a high efficiency as well as an ideal modulation range. It improves efficiency thanks to condensation, and if we compare them with an ordinary boiler, it has a higher efficiency of 6 to 9%.

    Just like the one before it in the Bulex product range, this boiler offers immense advantages that you are far from imagining. In addition to adapting easily to your home, its perfect design also makes it an object that decorates your interior and gives it an unexpected shine.

    It is perfect to help you calmly through the winter that is fast approaching. Its technical characteristics, associated with its large capacity and its hot water production rate, are the main reasons which militate for the preferential option of this boiler.

     Functional with natural gas, it offers a very appreciable heating capacity, and a lower energy consumption. This boiler saves you a lot of energy, while offering you superior quality service. Its heating, like the supply of sanitary hot water that it guarantees, is well above its energy consumption.

    • Compact but very powerful boiler
    • For heating and domestic hot water
    • Great comfort in sanitary facilities thanks to the 30 or 35 kW exchanger
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Available in powers from 25 to 30 kW in heating and from 30 to 35 kW in domestic hot water

    Thema Condens combi boilers are very compact but very powerful boilers, which make them a reference in terms of efficiency. Thanks to the integration of a 30 kW exchanger, your customers can enjoy worry-free hot water comfort. This boiler is suitable for every home. Thema Condens also have high efficiency and a very high modulation range.

    You have a 5-year warranty on the heating body and 2 years on the other component parts.

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