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How to benefit from an energy bonus in Belgium?

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How to benefit from an energy bonus in Belgium?

Benefit from an energy bonus in Belgium

The Energy Bonuses are a mechanism allowing individuals to subsidize their energy saving work. The procedures are simple and quick, and save several hundred euros on energy renovation work! In reality, the major energy suppliers must answer to the State for their efforts to make individuals aware of energy savings . To this end, the online aids and subsidies simulator allows you to calculate the amount of the Premium you can benefit from by carrying out energy saving work at home.

What are the new features for receiving the Energy Bonus?

  • As of January 1, a new heating bonus will be put in place to subsidize the periodic inspection of gas appliances for precarious households. This new bonus, called the C8 – Periodic inspection bonus, will be granted to any household carrying out the inspection of its gas boiler or water heater, up to €100 per periodic inspection certificate;
  • In 2018, the amount of the B1 "roof insulation" bonus was doubled compared to 2017. This year, it is the turn of the B2 "external wall insulation" and C1 "boiler replacement" bonuses to be increased
  • Building extensions are now eligible for Energy Bonuses both when the nature of the work is a major renovation and when it is a simple renovation;
  • The administrative conditions for Brussels households have also been simplified and clarified by aligning the income categories with that of the renovation grants.

In practice to receive the Energy Prime

All energy renovation work carried out on the territory of the Region can benefit from the Energy Bonuses offered by Brussels Environment. The request can be submitted by an individual, a community, a joint ownership, a tenant… On average, 20% of the eligible costs of your bill will be reimbursed.

The premium application form has been simplified and the application can now be submitted up to twelve months after receiving the invoice for the balance of the work. Once all the documents have been sent, the payment reaches you on average within 8 weeks.

What types of work are concerned by the energy bonus of the Brussels-Capital Region?

The types of work vary slightly from region to region. In the Brussels Region, for example, a series of projects are taken into account to issue the insulation premium :

  • Energy audit and study;
  • Installation of a ventilation system;
  • Insulation of the floor, roof and/or walls;
  • Installation of a new boiler (condensing, gas);
  • Installation of a gas convector;
  • Thermal regulation;
  • Installation of a domestic hot water or combined heating heat pump;
  • Collective chimney casing;
  • Installation of a solar water heater;
  • Periodic inspection.

What is my applicant category?

There are 3 categories of applicants: A, B and C. Whether you are an individual or a professional, belonging to one of these categories is defined in different ways.

For individuals :

Category A is the default category. Since 2011, Energy Premiums for individuals have been increased according to their taxable income.

Category C – Preferential. Individuals belonging to the following statuses benefit from category C by providing proof of membership. RIS beneficiary (CPAS certificate); Beneficiary of the BIM (certificate of the mutual); Building available to an AIS (Certificate of Sibelga); Protected customers (Rental agreement between applicant and AIS)

 Lessor owners (natural or legal person) also benefit from category C by fulfilling 2 conditions: The works relate to one of the first 3 recommendations of the EPB certificate ; The lease for a minimum of 3 years is registered.

If one of the premiums requested relates to one of the first 3 recommendations of the EPB certificate, all the premiums introduced simultaneously are calculated in category C.

For professionals :

Legal persons, with some exceptions, are automatically part of category A.

Category C – Preferential

Certain legal persons are automatically assimilated to category C, without providing additional proof: Social Real Estate Agencies (AIS), Public Service Real Estate Companies, the Housing Fund, co-ownerships (legal persons whose legal form is a “ association of co-owners” and having a company number.), legal persons having concluded a lease with an AIS.

Category C – Service to the community . Requests for Energy Bonuses from nurseries, schools, universities, colleges, reception centres, nursing homes, sports centers and adapted work companies are calculated in category C.

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