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Comparison: Durlem VI50 softener and Durlem VI50 Duo softener?

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Comparison: Durlem VI50 softener and Durlem VI50 Duo softener?

What to know about the Durlem VI50 and VI50 Duo softeners?

A water softener is an electronic device that reduces the hardness of water to make it clean to use. It reduces the water content of calcium and magnesium salts. The water softener consists of a salt tank and ion exchange resins. Such a device enables it to remove the TH from the water due to the presence of alkaline-earth salts (sulphates, magnesium chlorides, magnesium chlorides, carbonates, etc.).

It intervenes effectively in the fight against skin problems due to poor water quality, because hard water (rich in limestone) irritates and dries the skin, it causes itchy skin and body discomfort. Softened water optimizes the effectiveness of cleaning products (soaps) and cosmetics. Therefore the use of a softener is necessary.

Most of us already know the importance of water softeners. No one wants to drink water contaminated with lead, plastic or other substances. Everyone is looking for a softener and as a result, the market offers us a multitude of them. Among these are the Durlem VI50 and the VI50 Duo , all of which are well known to the public.

How do these two giants work in reducing water hardness? What are their characteristics and particularities? Is one more effective than the other? Many wonder.


The VI50 is an electronic volumetric type softener that can serve 02 to 05 people. It regenerates based on water consumption with a flow rate that can easily reach 1.5 cubic meters per hour. Its power supply is provided by a 230 V capacity generator. Its minimum operating pressure is 1.8 bar/8 bar and an annual consumption of 180 cubic meters. Its salt content is around 25 kg. It is capable of holding 10 liters of resin, and can serve an entire house with up to two bathrooms.


On the other hand, the VI50 Duo is a softener which has several advantages. It is easy to use and has a multi-language button that allows you to select the desired language. It is equipped with a double monospherical resin bottle, a salt alarm which informs you of the state of the salt in the tank. A maintenance and leakage key also informs you of any maintenance to be carried out. The vacation mode key is also one of the features of the VI50 DUO. This type of softener has low power consumption. Its salt tank can hold up to 40 kg of salt and the resin capacity is 10 litres. Very resistant and economical, its minimum operating pressure is 2 to 6 bar. The device itself is electrically powered by a 230/12v transformer.

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