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Zenhder heat exchanger: Quality or Premium?

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Zenhder heat exchanger: Quality or Premium?

Quality or Premium, which Zenhder heat exchanger to use?

New constructions require the integration of air exchangers. This device has a very simple mode of operation. The outside air is filtered and sucked inside while the dirty air is expelled outside through the ducts. In addition to being filtered, the air is heated, recovered and allows you to reduce your heating needs.

In January 2016, the electronics giant Zenhder launched a new highly innovative ventilation system. Revealed under the name of Zenhder comfoair Quality , this air device is a success in terms of competition. Three years later, what is its level with the Premium range?

The coexistence of the two on the market creates an amalgam and causes confusion among some buyers.

Which heat exchangers should be used to guarantee total and safe comfort in homes?


It is a powerful exchanger, capable of generating up to 400m³/h of air at 200 Pa. It is equipped with automatic protection against freezing. This type of ventilation system controls the quality of ambient air in a dwelling. It provides real comfort in discretion, because it makes less noise. It offers energy efficiency by saving electricity in the region of 10% and thus allows an additional heat recovery of 5%.

Remarkable intelligence accompanies the work of the ComfoAir team. They incorporate all kinds of sensors into the system that constantly monitor the temperature (intelligent bypass) as well as the humidity of the air flows. These sensors manage modulating bypass , hygrometry, air flows and automatic operation. The "intelligent" pre -heater allows optimal operation of the device in winter against minimum energy consumption. Hygienic ventilation is ensured by a filter alarm linked to time and air volume.

The ComfoAir Q system does not require great knowledge for its use. It testifies to its ease thanks to its integrated screen which displays in real time the information concerning the operation of the device. The system can be controlled in multiple ways, whether by pressing a single button or via an app.


The ZEHNDER COMFOAIR Q PREMIUM CA Q350 brand exchanger produces 400m³/h of air. It is equipped with a modulating pre-heating coil protecting against freezing. it is suitable for wall or base mounting and has a thermal efficiency slightly lower than CA Quality . It contains a modulating bypass for free cooling. It includes automatic fan control with Flow Control or Constant Flow technology and a dry condensate trap. It is highly effective only in a restricted environment, therefore of lower power than Quality .

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