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Between ecoTEC pro and ecoTEC plus, where is the difference?

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Between ecoTEC pro and ecoTEC plus, where is the difference?

            What are the differences between ecoTEC pro and ecoTEC plus from Vaillant?

Having a heating system is nowadays a necessity.
To provide such a service, it would be necessary to have a high-quality and sophisticated electronic device: the boiler. The boiler is the most important part of a central heating system, similar to a fire fed continuously by natural gas from a pipe connected to an outside gas line.

Depending on the design model, some boilers make it possible to produce, in addition to heating, domestic hot water by adding a water heater. They are different from air-to-air heat pumps. Boilers only produce heat, unlike the air-to-air heat pump which can reverse its heating system to act as air conditioning.

Boilers are of several types. There are wood boilers, gas boilers, and gas and oil condensing boilers. Of the order of the latter, we denote: the valiant ecoTEC pro and the ecoTEC plus .



The ecoTEC pro is of remarkable power, it is very compact and very resistant with a well-kept design. It is capable of meeting the hot water and heat needs of a household of up to 4 people. It provides both excellent heating comfort with a power of 24 kW. Its quality of domestic hot water supply is 3-star comfort ( EN 13203 standard). It charms with its mixed operating system. It releases 7.5 to 24 kW of heating power and 13.4 l/min of DHW flow, i.e. a thermal efficiency of 107%. It is composed of various elements that give it longevity and enviable efficiency. In this case, it is the stainless steel exchanger and above all the high-performance circulator.


More efficient and ultra-ergonomic, the ecoTEC plus has a very successful design. It is equipped with an ELGA gas system which gives it an exceptional heating power of between 25 and 30 kW, which can feed an entire house or an apartment. The power modulation range offered by ELGA makes it possible to respond precisely to the needs of the installation. ELGA constantly monitors itself and in the event of a system malfunction, heating comfort remains assured in the installation thanks to the “Comfort Safe ” mode.

Its efficiency, although high (108% on PCI), also offers advantages in terms of electricity savings and 3-star comfort. The electronic card of the boiler ensures to be economical and it testifies by its low consumption in standby which is less than 2 W.
EcoTEC plus boilers save money on gas and electricity bills.

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